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About White Horse Ceilidhs (WHC)

English Ceilidh, pronounced "Kay-lee", is an energetic form of Barn Dance or English Country Dancing.
The dancing is infectious, great fun and a wonderful way to meet new people of all ages, get some exercise, laugh a lot and hear amazing LIVE music.

The emphasis is more on having fun than getting it right or 'historically correct', so it doesn't matter if you've never done it before. The caller walks through every dance before it starts then prompts during the dance, you can't go wrong!

We're lucky to be supported by a number of excellent local bands. We also like to see ourselves as a stepping stone for up and coming young bands and callers who have often emerged from local sessions or dance teams, creating an exiting and unique atmosphere. As well as this, teaming up with
"Folk for MS" and "White Horse Folk Festival" means that we can bring in some of the best Ceilidh bands in the country.

The many local display teams are invited to perform during the half time interval, with Cotswold, North West, Border, Rapper, 17th Century re-enactment, Appalachian and English Step Clog groups all based within the Vale of White Horse, so you'll be well entertained whilst you catch your breath!

And for those who like a good pint, we serve excellent beers from local breweries, such as
West Berkshire Brewery, White Horse Brewery,
Adkin Brewery and Best Mates Brewery.

So check out the dates page and get yourself down to the next ceilidh!

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